An Inspired Life

I have reflected on the different choices that I’ve made in my life and business career. I have come to the realization that my life has been so very blessed by my Father in Heaven. As Founder and CEO of Nehemiah Global Foundation, I think of the blessed life that God has allowed my family and I to live and enjoy. “A Life Inspired’ may become a book someday. Let it be known it’s a book, that its chapters and pages are still being written. Today I am full of love and appreciation, as I see the unfolding of my life story, that started pretty rough early on in my childhood of not having that most important figure in life called My Father. My Dad was missing early on in my life and my My birth Mother had some issues with the use of drugs. I know first hand, what it is like to be hungry. I also know what it is like to have gained wealth and be humbled by the experience of losing it all. Life is funny that way, when you get a second and even a third chance. I learned early the importance of mentorship and having key people enter my life. I am so grateful and appreciative of those that came alongside my life journey. I am a “Dreamer and Visionary”. I know with certainty, that I am here on earth to be a blessing for others in providing basic needs of food, housing, healthcare, education quality healthcare, providing food for the hungry, quality education to children of the world and most of all love. I am a steward of a precious gift of compassion for others. In this crazy world this stopping to help another, seems to have gone by the wayside. Through the Grace and resources of God I am here to use my skills and talents to bring needed resources to the lives of others through my business and philanthropic activities. I am so excited to have the freedom and opportunity to travel the world and to see the most beautiful people, that grace the earth with their humble existence. My heart and focus is “What Can We Do Together,” as persons of wealth and influence to touch an impact the bottom four billion of humanity. that live on less than five-dollars a day in wages. How can we use our “Time, Talents and Treasure” to make a measurable difference in lifting hundreds of millions out of stark poverty. Will you partner with us with your “Time, Talents and Treasure“, in helping financially and prayerfully in the support of CentrePoint Home Health Care and our social impact initiatives for providing quality health care.

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