Job Coaching and Supported Employment makes it possible for people with varying levels of disabilities to become active, wage-earning members of the workforce by generating positive employment opportunities and providing on and off site support, so that they may be successful in the workplace. This assistance, whether intensive or transitional, may include a job coach that can help the individual choose, secure and retain a job.

Job Coaching  for people with disabilities and Supported Employment services can include:

• Clarification of career goals
• Assistance with completing job applications,interviews,benealts packages
• Prepckagearing a resume and helping to develop, obtain and maintain a job
• Community transit travel training
• Job site training and advocacy
• Intensive training on specific work tasks
• Developing effective communication and proper workplace behavior/dress
• Acting as a liaison between work supervisors and co-workers
• On and off-site support available

Assistance may be provided for a few days or as long as eighteen months. On-going support may be provided, as needed.